World Percussionist  and Vocalist from Brazil.

Based in NEW YORK

 Valtinho Anastácio



Music is my language.
Valtinho’s music is very powerful and me-
taphorically speaking is just like a jewelry
box filled with magical sound. His messa-
ge is beyond time and space, cutting edge
in universal musical mind and vision.

As an International artist Valtinho Anastacio is able to travel for concerts, workshops, Jazz
Festivals, Charity events for children in need anywhere in the World participating also in
music education as a instructor and lecturer professor in universities all over the world.
Asia and South East Asia, China, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia Cambodia etc etc…



Valtinho Anastacio is loved and supported by a lot of people all over the world.
We hope, e
veryone is a Team Valtlnho.
Thank you very much for visiting our web site.
by Valtinho Anastacio and Team Valtinho.