A documentary film SAMBISTAS is a winner of 4 international film festival !!VALTINHO ANASTÁCIO to be featured Directed by WOOJIN SONG

A Music documentary film
Directed by WOOJIN SONG
Republic of Korea.

VALTINHO ANASTÁCIO honored to be featured
is a winner of 4 international film festival.

In SAMBISTAS, an encounter with the legendary Brazilian percussionist VALTINHO ANASTÁCIO
has a positive impact on aficionados of Brazilian music in Korea.

★★American Golden Picture International Film Festival
Best Documentary Long 2021

★★Austria International Film Festival 2020
Best Music Film Achievement

★★SFAAF South Film & Arts Academy Festival
Best Documentary feature2020

★★Tagore International Film Festival2020



ーーーーーーOfficial Selection-ーーーーーーー

Seattle Latino Film Festival 2020

Lift-Off Film Festival global Network 2020

Jechen International Music&Film Festival2020

New York City 10 Film Festival2020

Tront Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network 2020

Paris Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network 2020

Sweden Film Awards 2020

VEGAS Cinefest Film Festival 2020

Melbourne Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network 2020


🌳 Jecheon International Music Film Festival camping ground film screening and performance schedule guide 🌳
‘movies and music enjoying in nature’ meet at jimff camping ground.
🎬 Sambista-2021.6.19 (Sat) 20:00
Director song woo jin I screening timeli I color I documentary
Surprise stage greeting and performance from 🎤 Bohemia Band ~ 20:30
🎬 Movie screening is from!!
Date: camping ground June (Fri) ~ (Sun) / days
Location: Jecheon Yongdusan Auto campsite
Participation: Jimff camping ground seekers
Among-Aeg: refer to homepage