2020.Valtinho’s Birthday.

May 31st is Valtinho’s birthday .

Every year
he’s always have everyone’s blessings
with his live performance in his life
Brazil, Japan, USA, South Korea,
Malaysia,Thailand..many other countries.

Over the past 10years with
Escola Alegria” in Seoul.

Last year
unforgettable grand colebration
at “Banjul” in Seoul.

But this year
He has to stay at home in NYC.
he is good but that’s what he’s not good at..^^

We all are going through the toughest time together.

We are in different environments in individual country.

We can’t get together easily in this situation
even we can’t send easily
Birthday Gift by Air parcel post from outside of USA or..

If you can afford to celebrate him.
Why don’t we paypal him
as a Birthday Gift.


Feel like a having tea, beer or champagne dinner with Valtinho’s music.

We respect his irreplaceable treasure
We hope to keep his music alive ♫.

We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation.

We are looking forward to the day
that we can enjoy Valtinho’s live performances.

We can do it as a team!
Happy Birthday Valtinho.

Team Valtinho.