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Valtinho Anastácio’s
Roda de Samba in Seoul.

with Bohemia band.
samba party.
At Banjul

in Seoul, Korea.
Monday, August 21st, 2023,
Free entry voluntary donation

Valtinho Anastácio’s
Roda de Samba.

Bohemia band
Samba party.
August 21st (Mon) 8:00PM

At Banjul in Seoul, South Korea.

23, Samil-daero 17-gil, Jongno-gu

Banjul 4th floor

Balchinyu (Vocals/Percussion)
Seonghee Bae (Percussion)
Yeongyeong Jung (Vocals/Percussion)
Hyejin Yoon (Flute)
Dongseok Kim (classical guitar)
Gyeon Min-yeong (Cavakinyu)

Free entry voluntary donation

Valtinho Anastácio,
our friend who has been active in Korea for a long time,
visited Korea briefly for a performance. Before he goes back to New York,
we should all hang out together, right?
Let’s fall in love with samba music together!
at 8:00 on Monday, the 21st of the month!

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